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  1. Hey, i can't wait to play this game when it's going to be released, i want to tell me that a game i want to play is exactly why no content producer is posting this game on YouTube why I think you can take a video of this game on Youtube and hopefully this game comes out before Christmas.
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Download Game
  3. We give you good news! Developing the game is going great right now, and if we continue this way, we can release the beta of the game at any moment.Now, there are just a few things that need to be solved, and we're trying to arrange some of the professions so that you don't get bored in the open beta.
  4. Hello, we are sorry that you have not heard from us for a long time, but we want to make up for them. New update: New tattoo system. To feed animal. Sit and stand animation. New car physics system. Designing things. And More Then
  5. Sorry for the delay we are having problems with the engine Thank you for understanding that we will continue to improve after the release of the newest engine version!
  6. Hi we know that we have not been sharing for a long time because you develop the game and play as soon as possible while discussing with some places to publish the game.
  7. Andrew

    Hi Player

    Hello there; We're developing the open beta for you to play, and we'll share it with you as soon as possible.
  8. Hello People; We have new news! Tell us what you want to do and let us do what you want in the game #mycontents don't forget to write us with me.
  9. Andrew

    Open Beta

    Greetings open beta process is being processed very little, please stay pending game will be able to play soon.
  10. Andrew

    Desert Map!

    Greetings; We continue to improve the game we are testing new maps and content and adding more features we are sorry to delay the open beta for the game but thank you for your understanding we are trying to get you to play better. Note : Dont let the visuals mislead you, desert map completed!
  11. Hi players do not worry that we have encountered some bugs in the beta process are correcting them will not last this long.
  12. Good news! Yesterday we will test again for a few more days if the test passed successfully, we will share the open beta of the game again.
  13. Hi am Fatal Error YT from game jolt ,the game is pretty impressive i wait for it alot. what i can support with ? I will with what i can. By the way , thx for sending me this page's link . You can count on me.
  14. Yes If You Feel Free You Can Work With Us If You Do not Want To Speak To send a message Do not hesitate Time We will try to answer you fairly You can write from below if you want to work!
  15. Hello Dear players we have finished most of the content of the game, but our servers are closed again to open our servers will help us support / will you be able to open the servers again ?
  16. Hi Realife Simulator Web Site Theme Changed and multiple innovation came: New Theme Changed. Store Customer Number Box Changed. Colors are completely redesigned. Logo Upload. Free content you have purchased will not be sent to you automatically New Emojis New reactions Some Features Removed Support Page is now removed Removed old themes
  17. Do you want to download the game normally or with a launcher?
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Update Setup Download Update Extract Folder Put the "release" file into the WindowsNoEditor> RealifeSimulator folder Put the .pak file in the WindowsNoEditor> RealifeSimulator> Content> Paks file and start the game İnnovations Home Screen changed The Server Search screen has been completely changed New Loading screen brought Added a different music
  19. 1.Launcher Settings: To access the interface, please follow these paths. 1.Download Launcher 2.Start Launcher 3.You will ask for a username and password. 4.Please click on Profile> Account Settings> Realife tab and you may be asked to register again, please register and confirm your email address again. 5.After confirming the account you just registered, you can log in with the username and password you specified. 6.Congratulations You're ready to download. 2.Download Game: 1.Please click on the store icon below when you don't click anywhere a
  20. Hi Players We are a very big apology debtor, we don't leave the open beta on the specified date and we would like to mention that we are disappointed. Thank you very much for that.
  21. Hello We have brought a great update to the police center, cinema hall, concert areas and new homes Much more coming soon.
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