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Found 16 results

  1. Good news! Yesterday we will test again for a few more days if the test passed successfully, we will share the open beta of the game again.
  2. Hi am Fatal Error YT from game jolt ,the game is pretty impressive i wait for it alot. what i can support with ? I will with what i can. By the way , thx for sending me this page's link . You can count on me.
  3. Yes If You Feel Free You Can Work With Us If You Do not Want To Speak To send a message Do not hesitate Time We will try to answer you fairly You can write from below if you want to work!
  4. Hello Dear players we have finished most of the content of the game, but our servers are closed again to open our servers will help us support / will you be able to open the servers again ?
  5. Hi Realife Simulator Web Site Theme Changed and multiple innovation came: New Theme Changed. Store Customer Number Box Changed. Colors are completely redesigned. Logo Upload. Free content you have purchased will not be sent to you automatically New Emojis New reactions Some Features Removed Support Page is now removed Removed old themes
  6. Do you want to download the game normally or with a launcher?
  7. 1.Launcher Settings: To access the interface, please follow these paths. 1.Download Launcher 2.Start Launcher 3.You will ask for a username and password. 4.Please click on Profile> Account Settings> Realife tab and you may be asked to register again, please register and confirm your email address again. 5.After confirming the account you just registered, you can log in with the username and password you specified. 6.Congratulations You're ready to download. 2.Download Game: 1.Please click on the store icon below when you don't click anywhere after launching Launcher. 2.You will be asked to enter an activation code in the required field. 3.All you have to do is go to the store in the homepage and click Manage Purchases in the drop-down menu, click on the product you bought and copy your serial key, re-enter Launcher and press Activate. 4.Now you are ready to download the game, press the Download Game Key and select the disk you want to download and say save again the Download Game key will start downloading. 5.Once you have downloaded the game, remove it from the archive and click on the game icon to start the game. 6.Congratulations You Downloaded And Installed The Game. 3.Warning: 1.If you can't activate the game, please go to step 2. 2.If you want Launcher to work properly, please set your screen resolution to 1920x1080 and you can restore your screen to the same way you started the download. 4.Register Other WebSite: 1.Visit the 2.Confirm your email address and you can now log in via the Watch Video :
  8. Hi Players We are a very big apology debtor, we don't leave the open beta on the specified date and we would like to mention that we are disappointed. Thank you very much for that.
  9. Hello We have brought a great update to the police center, cinema hall, concert areas and new homes Much more coming soon.
  10. Real Life Simulator Project Journey started for us about 2 years ago. When we started this business, our main goal was to make an online Open World-based game. Our difference from other games is that players can shape a world that can do everything according to their own wishes. Completely Online Based Game also adds a separate streamline to the game. We will talk to you about all details about the game with little time to enter the Beta Process. We've added some details that we've dreamed of to be in an open world game and that don't appear in any game until now. Before the Game Introduces We request you to comment on this game project, taking into account that only 2 people continue. What is Real Life Simulator? Real Life Simulator will be a Simulation and Role Playing game. In this game you will be able to spend time in an imaginary world with real people online. You can come out of the real world and shape your character's life in an imaginary world. What you can do in the game? When you first start Real Life Simulator, you will have a $ 5,000 financial resource as an ordinary citizen. You can use your money the way you want it. You can buy yourself an outfit, rent a house, buy a car or throw it at the bank and fold your money with interest. In the game you will be able to do many professions. For example, as a policeman, he could pursue crimes in the city. You can bring the criminals to justice. You can provide justice as a judge. As a health worker, you can help the players who need help. As a lawyer, he can take cases for money. As you solve your cases, you can progress in your career. As a taxi driver, you can earn money from your customers by taking them to the place they want to catch on the road. Or you can kill a man as a criminal. Remember that when you commit a crime, the police of real players may come after you. When you are caught, you will be brought before a judge. During the court stage, you can hire a lawyer who is a lawyer, and you can reduce your penalties to a minimum. If you get a penalty, you will be suspended from the game for the duration of the penalty. Important Detail! There will be no Artificial Intelligence Players referred to as NPC in any way in the game. All Players will be made entirely from real online players. What you can do in the game will be limited to your imagination. What we think to offer in the Closed Beta Process. (1) Career System (Policing, Judge, Attorney, Taxi driver, Bus driver, Health Care) Read more! (2) Purchasing System (Home Rental, Home Buying, Buying Food and Drink, Buying Household Goods, Buying Clothes, Buying a Car, Buying Weapons) (3) Presidential System (Presidency During the Beta Process - City Control will be in the hands of the Managers.) (Every month the city control passes to a person's control and the person is completely selected by voting among online players) (4) Dialogue System (Online Players will be able to talk to each other through the Global Messaging System on the same map. You can also chat with the people you meet through a private messaging system.) (5) Car Mechanics (Gta 4 has a similar structure of driving mechanics.) (6) Privatization System (You can shape the houses you have purchased or rented the way you want. You can shape your characters' clothes and look as you like) Some Systems We Consider Adding These features will be released in the version will be sorry to say sorry. (Unfortunately, we need serious financial support to add them. We hope that you will provide a nice game experience as a return to you.) Legal System (Attorney and Judge) Judge System: Judge System: As a Judge, you will be faced with the crime in the city and will be caught by the police and will be the people. The punishments you will give according to their crimes will be up to you. (Judges will be composed of Moderators and Administrators.) Attorney System: Persons who have committed a crime will be able to defend themselves in court against judges by purchasing a lawyer from among other actors. (2) Fighting System (We will be able to create a place of competition in the spaces by creating various fighting places.) Some Fighting Competitions You're Thinking About: Boxing competitions: (Boxing Match Online Players Simple Fun Mode in Vaccination). (In addition, Monthly Championship Competitions will be organized. Required Degree Game Game Participation will be able to.) (3) Training Areas - Gyms (Training areas where you can work out before a fight, Gyms for Improving Yourself) (4) Entertainment - Activity Area
  11. The ideas of our followers will always be important as the project continues. By offering your opinions and suggestions about the project, you can help us to create a better experience for you when the game comes out.
  12. We continue to development the legal system. The court design it's almost over. Hukuk sistemini geliştirmeye devam ediyoruz. Mahkeme tasarımı neredeyse bitti.