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    New House

    Realife Simulator; Hey, my game realistic to real life players Inupiaq I wanted to share that we continue to develop we continue to place more emphasis on the visuals of this game will be a really impressive game.
  2. Would you like to publish the open beta of the game and just walk around with the car? Hello Do you like to ride the car in the game while updating the game and play multiplayer game with your friends? Some things you can do -Travel by car -Stroll around the city -Visiting business centers -Watching a movie at the cinema
  3. CenkMert

    New İmages

    Hi New Subway Train Added Game!
  4. Would you really like to know a little more about what Fatal Error really wants to do and what you liked to do?
  5. Good news! Yesterday we will test again for a few more days if the test passed successfully, we will share the open beta of the game again.
  6. Hello, @FatalError YT welcome to see you very glad to see between us thank you for your help I'm working for payment methods and I continue to play the game I'm going to play this game I'm looking forward to test the game passes successfully I'll post.
  7. If the game is being tested this week, the new version of the game will be released, please do not download the old version of the game.
  8. If you can't understand what you're saying, please rewrite it in a clear way.
  9. Hello, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
  10. Hello Dear players we have finished most of the content of the game, but our servers are closed again to open our servers will help us support / will you be able to open the servers again ?
  11. CenkMert

    New İmages.

    Hey How do you like the new city?
  12. Hi, we're very sorry for this error. The necessary checks have been made and we will resolve this error with a new update during the day and we will launch a new update as soon as possible.
  13. Hi Realife Simulator Web Site Theme Changed and multiple innovation came: New Theme Changed. Store Customer Number Box Changed. Colors are completely redesigned. Logo Upload. Free content you have purchased will not be sent to you automatically New Emojis New reactions Some Features Removed Support Page is now removed Removed old themes
  14. Hello dear players; In a few days, all servers will be activated again. At the moment, maintenance and repair is done and besides, a big update will be available in the next few days.Let's talk about future innovations. All Map Changed Vehicle Changed News Animations New Central Park Cinema The character in the vehicle may vary.(We work on not definitive) Server is completely changed and we are setting up a higher requirement server after a few days you will be able to download this update please join the poll below.
  15. Incoming updates were brought with some errors and innovations. You can find the installation files in the download section, the necessary documentation will be published soon. Home Screen changed The Server Search screen has been completely changed New Loading screen brought Added a different music
  16. Do you want to download the game normally or with a launcher?
  17. To access the launcher, please follow these paths. launcher.mp4
  18. 1.Launcher Settings: To access the interface, please follow these paths. 1.Download Launcher 2.Start Launcher 3.You will ask for a username and password. 4.Please click on Profile> Account Settings> Realife tab and you may be asked to register again, please register and confirm your email address again. 5.After confirming the account you just registered, you can log in with the username and password you specified. 6.Congratulations You're ready to download. 2.Download Game: 1.Please click on the store icon below when you don't click anywhere after launching Launcher. 2.You will be asked to enter an activation code in the required field. 3.All you have to do is go to the store in the homepage and click Manage Purchases in the drop-down menu, click on the product you bought and copy your serial key, re-enter Launcher and press Activate. 4.Now you are ready to download the game, press the Download Game Key and select the disk you want to download and say save again the Download Game key will start downloading. 5.Once you have downloaded the game, remove it from the archive and click on the game icon to start the game. 6.Congratulations You Downloaded And Installed The Game. 3.Warning: 1.If you can't activate the game, please go to step 2. 2.If you want Launcher to work properly, please set your screen resolution to 1920x1080 and you can restore your screen to the same way you started the download. 4.Register Other WebSite: 1.Visit the https://realifesimulator.com/launcher/registration/ 2.Confirm your email address and you can now log in via the Watch Video : https://realifesimulator.com/topic/51-realife-simulator-tutorials/?tab=comments#comment-79
  19. Hi Players We are a very big apology debtor, we don't leave the open beta on the specified date and we would like to mention that we are disappointed. Thank you very much for that.
  20. Hello, we're very sorry for this issue. Don't worry Open Beta will be released before Christmas.