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  1. CenkMert

    New House

    Realife Simulator; Hey, my game realistic to real life players Inupiaq I wanted to share that we continue to develop we continue to place more emphasis on the visuals of this game will be a really impressive game.
  2. Would you like to publish the open beta of the game and just walk around with the car? Hello Do you like to ride the car in the game while updating the game and play multiplayer game with your friends? Some things you can do -Travel by car -Stroll around the city -Visiting business centers -Watching a movie at the cinema
  3. CenkMert

    New İmages

    Hi New Subway Train Added Game!
  4. Would you really like to know a little more about what Fatal Error really wants to do and what you liked to do?
  5. Good news! Yesterday we will test again for a few more days if the test passed successfully, we will share the open beta of the game again.
  6. Hello, @FatalError YT welcome to see you very glad to see between us thank you for your help I'm working for payment methods and I continue to play the game I'm going to play this game I'm looking forward to test the game passes successfully I'll post.
  7. If the game is being tested this week, the new version of the game will be released, please do not download the old version of the game.
  8. If you can't understand what you're saying, please rewrite it in a clear way.
  9. Hello, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
  10. Hello Dear players we have finished most of the content of the game, but our servers are closed again to open our servers will help us support / will you be able to open the servers again ?
  11. CenkMert

    New İmages.

    Hey How do you like the new city?