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  2. Hi @Mg-Stwe are considering releasing the game in a few weeks, sorry for the delays but we are doing our best please remember this thank you for your patience.
  3. Hey, i can't wait to play this game when it's going to be released, i want to tell me that a game i want to play is exactly why no content producer is posting this game on YouTube why I think you can take a video of this game on Youtube and hopefully this game comes out before Christmas.
  4. Andrew

    Game Not Downloading.

    Changed Status from Work in Progress to No Response
  5. Andrew

    Game Not Downloading.

    Changed Status from Pending to Work in Progress
  6. Andrew

    Game Not Downloading.

    Thanks but not downloading old version.
  7. Bu is for new versions only: Download Launcher Sign in with your purchased username and password. Enter the activation key sent to your mail address. Your game will be active successfully and now you are ready to download and play the game
  8. We give you good news! Developing the game is going great right now, and if we continue this way, we can release the beta of the game at any moment.Now, there are just a few things that need to be solved, and we're trying to arrange some of the professions so that you don't get bored in the open beta.
  9. Hello, we are sorry that you have not heard from us for a long time, but we want to make up for them. New update: New tattoo system. To feed animal. Sit and stand animation. New car physics system. Designing things. And More Then
  10. Important information Hello dear players, you know that we have always set a time for the game to come out and we have only been able to publish the game since the first release, many things have changed, all the infrastructure and systems of the game have changed completely, so do not be bored and do not think that this project will not come out. Thank you for your understanding. This project will be released and you will play. Have a nice day.
  11. -This month will be open beta and you will be able to play. -Huge new map. -New realistic vehicle physics. -Home screen changed. -New weapon system and new weapons added
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